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Happiness and Mold

I didn't think we would ever see our 7th piece of luggage. We received 3 pieces from Georgia, and another 3 from Vienna. The last piece was lost. The airlines didn't know where it was, the embassy couldn't track it. The airline told me they thought it may have ended up in London, but they couldn't be sure. I sadly started the inventory list of items the bag contained: new kids clothes and a birthday present for Van. Unexpectedly, the bag showed up at the embassy with no explanation! I was ecstatic! It has been 2 weeks without any of the kids' new clothes. They have been dressing in borrowed things, and items I pulled from a box of things they wore last summer. When Jared arrived home with the bag, I eagerly opened it. My enthusiasm quickly waned... for I was met with damp, moldy clothes. I sadly removed the tags and stickers from the nice, new, moldy clothes and threw them in the laundry. It cant ever be easy, can it?

You can see the water line on the bottom left pair of jeans! The mold on the Khaki's isn't very visible in the picture. It was like a dusting of white spores in the creases of the pockets.

Paint and Polish

Yesterday Ava and I had a fun day. I was sitting in the kitchen and she said "Come on Mom, I have a special surprise!" I asked her where we were going. She said, "Mom, we're going to the Halls of Montezuma to paint your finger nails!" Imagine my surprise! So she painted my fingernails and toe nails, and then painted her own!

Mine looked much the same!


The curtains in the dining room are actually a really pretty burnt orangey brown color, and in the preceding pictures they looked yellow. This is the color of the curtains, although with light coming through the windows they tend to look a bit more burnt orange. Anyone who knows me at all knows that burnt orange is my favorite color, so I was very very excited about these curtains, which is why I felt the need to set the record straight...

2 rooms down, 7 to go...

We are slowly getting settled into our new home. I have all the boxes unpacked, now for the organizing! Here are some pictures of our Dining room and Kitchen, the only 2 rooms in the house clean enough to make their debut on film (or digital sensor, as the case may be)

All the rooms have this amazing light fixtures with crown molding around them.

This is our Kitchen. The floor is tile and we have a regular refrigerator/freezer and a deep freezer as well. The steel box on the far right hand side is the water distiller which we get all of our drinking water from.
Here is a view of the fancy lighting on the kitchen!

Amazing Cake!!!

My friend, Norelle, brought this AMAZING cake for Van to take to school for his Birthday!! The shark is the actual cake, it has frosting teeth and eatable dorsal fins! It was amazing! When we walked into school all the kids were really excited.

Sleepy kids

The 11 hour time change has been brutal on the kids... This second night after arriving in Yerevan, we tried to bribe them to stay awake using these awesome CCCP Ice cream bars.

Ava didn't quite make it through her whole ice cream bar...

Van woke up in the same position the next morning!

Beauty all around

Jared picked a beautiful rose from our garden and gave it to me for our 7th Anniversary today! Our yard is full of flowers and fruit trees!

P.S. Any advice on pruning rose bushes or caring for Cherry & Apricot trees?

Did you hear about the Nielsons???

We finally made it to Armenia!  We have learned, in the short time we have been here, that the Embassy Community is very small.  Word gets around very quickly. This was  demonstrated during our in-processing when we were approached by no less than a dozen people asking about the following ordeal:

We arrived at the SLC Airport around 0800 on sunday morning, got our boarding passes, checked our bags, and got through security with relative ease.  When we reached our gate the kids could hardly contain their excitement.  

It was just before we were supposed to start boarding we learned that our flight had been delayed 30 minutes due to mechanical problems. 30 minutes turned in to 3 hours, 3 hours turned into a cancelled flight.  Knowing that we were not going to make our connection in Chicago we went to the American Airline counter and informed them of our situation.  They found us a direct flight to Paris on Delta Airlines.  So now we had to go back to the American Airlines ticketing counter and gather up our baggage, move to the Delta Airlines ticketing counter and get new boarding passes, check our luggage, and once again drag our kids through airport security.  When we finally make it to the Delta Gates we look up at our flight and it has been delayed by three hours due to volcanic ash.  What was originally going to be only two hours at the SLC Airport has now turned into 12 hours.   

At 8:30 PM we were finally able to board our Paris flight.  

After landing in Paris we realized that the delay in SLC had caused us to miss our connecting flight to Yerevan, Armenia.  We went to the Paris transit desk to see what our options were... the only flight into Yerevan was the next morning through Rome.  So we went to the Ibis Hotel and got a room with two beds.  When we got up to the room (or what I prefer to call a walk-in closet) we found two single beds pushed together, with barely enough room to walk to the grossly undersized bathroom.   

                                             (Objects appear larger with wide angle lens)

The next morning we made our way back to the Paris Airport, ensured our bags were going to make our flight, and got our boarding passes to Rome.  Thus far the morning had gone with out any additional problems, we even had enough time before our flight to enjoy some tasty French pastries for breakfast.  We boarded the flight to Rome and our luck was looking up... or so we thought.  Upon our arrival in Rome we went to the transit counter to get our boarding passes for our flight into Yerevan, only to be directed to another transit counter, to again be directed through passport control and on a train to a transit counter in a different terminal, only to be redirected back to the area of the first transit counter we stopped at.  On the way back to the main terminal we had to go through security... At the security check point we learned of two things that do not mix well:  First we encountered the all too fun language barrier, second I dare anyone to go anywhere in the world and try to get past airport security with out boarding passes .  Finally with more sweet talking than I was in the mood for, we were allowed to pass.  We eventually made it to the correct transit counter only to learn that the flight we were ticketed for departed ten minutes after we landed, and we never stood a chance of getting on that flight.  Once again we had missed the only flight to Yerevan from the airport in which we were standing.  The only option was to hop a flight to Vienna, Austria and then connect into Yerevan.  After getting our boarding passes I asked if our luggage would be transfered onto our new flight, I was assured that it would be taken care of.

Six hours later we were walking down to the bus that would take us out to the airplane.  After 20 minutes of standing on the bus, the gate attendant came down to the bus to inform us that departure of the flight had been delayed due to mechanical problems.  We got off the bus and hiked back up the two story ramp into the terminal. The gate attendant stopped us just short of the terminal to inform us that the problem with the aircraft had been resolved.  After 20 minutes of waiting on the ramp for the bus to return we finally got on the bus and eventually boarded the plane.   

Once in Vienna things started to appear more positive, we got our boarding passes, once again asked about out luggage.  This time, in a less reassuring manner, we were told that if the bags made the flight from Rome to Vienna that they would definitely be on our flight to Yerevan.  With things looking a little better, we told the kids that we only had one more plane ride before we were to our new home.  This was enough to re-energize the kids.

There was one down side to the flight from Vienna to Yerevan.  The flight was completely full, Becca and Ava had to sit in the rear of the plane while Van and I had to sit towards the front.  This time Becca got lucky as Van and I had to sit next to the only person on the flight that used all three puke bags in our row.  We are still waiting to see if it was just air sickness or if Van and I are going to end up on the bad side of the stomach flu.  

We finally land in Yerevan as Van gives a triumphant "yes" as the wheels touch down.  Things are finally coming to a close, we get to passport control, and are escorted to the front of a very long line.  Soon we find ourselves standing in front of the baggage carrousel, facing the moment of truth with our bags... finally we both let out a sigh of relief as we see Ava's car seat come out. We grab the car seat and anxiously await the remaining seven bags..... They never show up.  

Four days later we are all still living in the same pair of clothes we left Salt Lake in.  We have been fortunate that our house is supplied with a washer and dryer.


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