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I have been avoiding my blog because I have so much to write about. So instead of being overwhelmed by this daunting task, I have decided to post the Reader's Digest version. In short, Thailand was amazing!! We hit a few bumps in the road enroute and spent an entire day of beach time at the Bangkok airport, but once we arrived,  it was everything I had hoped it would be. The weather was perfect at mid-high eighties and 90% humidity! Our Villa was beautiful and secluded.
Van loved catching frogs, toads and geckos around and inside the villa. Ava loved swinging in the 2 hammocks. And of course both kids LOVED having their own pool. Each morning they jumped from bed and splashed into the pool before breakfast. For me the highlight of the trip was the beach. I have missed the ocean so much! In addition to lounging at the beach we were able to do some really fun things. The highlights were riding Elephants through the jungle,
seeing a King Cobra
Show (Van's favorite
activity - afterwards he wanted to bring home a pet cobra. When asked what we would feed a cobra he replied, "Stray dogs!") and taking a boat tour of the some of the outer islands. On the boat tour Van was able to snorkel for the first time! He did so awesome. He and Jared even saw a barracuda.
We also took a day trip over to Phuket, where Jared has spent some significant time through multiple deployments. It was cool to be able to see some things that he seen from his trips around the globe! (While going down the walking district, we were met with a group of Katoi's in full dress. After they passed Ava looks up at me with her bright, innocent little eyes and states, 'Mommy, I think those were REAL princesses!" Yes dear, I know they'd like to think that!!) We even ate at his favorite restaurant. I LOVE thai food. It was all so good. Ava loved her "fancy" drinks and Van loved the Satay chicken. I think he mostly liked that particular dish because the chicken was always served on several sticks,which he used to have miniature sword fights at the table.


Jean said...

I love the short version, it opened a short tour and made you want more!! We will be waitin to hear all the details when you get home!!
Love Mom & Dad

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